About Us

Ethos & Values

As a charity we work with children and young people to best meet their needs. This sometimes will also mean working with parents, carers and families.


Our work always relates to:

  • Recognising the individual’s identity;
  • Promoting anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice;
  • Promoting, maintaining and respecting individuals’ rights in the provision of services;
  • Supporting individuals through effective communication;
  • Operating in a non-judgemental manner.


We always seek to ensure that we work within the organisation’s values:

  • The best place for most children is with their families;
  • The small number of children who must live apart from their families deserve carers of the highest quality;
  • Carers must receive high quality training to enable them to carry out their work;
  • Children, young people and families need help and assistance to gain a voice, so that they can contribute to plans and services which might affect their lives;
  • Children and Adults need to maintain contact with their roots, so that they can foster resilience which will help them deal with their background and face their future.