About Us


Y Bont, formerly known as Cartref Bontnewydd Trust was established by Robert Bevan Ellis in 1898. His vision was to create a safe refuge for orphaned children or for those unable to remain at home with their families.

Over the past 100 years the original work of providing an orphanage has been extended. Y Bont’s remit continues to develop and change in order to meet the needs of children and young people today.

Chaired by Mr Gwyn Hefin Jones, the Trustees of Y Bont represent a wide range of backgrounds and interests.


  • Mr John Pritchard
  • Mrs Cynthia Owen
  • Ms Anna Jane Evans
  • Ms Gwawr Maelor
  • Dr Mererid Owen
  • Mr Gwyn Hefin Jones
  • Ms Nia Llwyd
  • Mr Ioan Pollard
  • Mr Dewi Llewelyn
  • Mr John Pollard