Information 4 young people

information for young peopleWhat is a family group meeting?

A chance for your family to get together and for you to have a say in your life

Why have a family group meeting?

Get your family together to decide what to do about YOUR things that affect YOUR life.

information for young peopleHow does a family group meeting work?

It will be a chance to express your feelings and wishes to the adults in your life – adults and workers. The meeting will be in 3 sections:

  • Part 1: Workers and Family sharing information
  • Part 2: Just Family (Private family time)
  • Part 3: Family and Workers agreeing the Family Plan

What next?

Follow the plan. For eg. Contact with family, Respite, Schooling.

information for young peopleWhat if there’s no agreement?

The co-ordinators job is to help the family get over any obstacles, this might mean another meeting, or more information. If that doesn’t help then the workers involved will make the decisions they think is best to protect the child or Young Person.


Anyone you think should be involved in making decisions about you. The co-ordinator will help with this?

information for young peopleWhere will it be?

You can choose, it could be a local hotel, leisure centre, village hall or other suitable venue.

*The meeting will be in the language of your choice.

For more information please contact:

01286 881 620 or

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