CANOL project

What is the project?

CANOL is a mediation service, which offers children, young people and their families the opportunity of getting together in order to address any issues which puts a young person’s place at home or tenancy at risk. The project will offer to listen to both sides, help communication and come up with an agreement to try and make things better.

We can also provide mediation between two parties when children are involved, this typically would mean between parents or carers either on separation, or when parents have separated some time ago but need to remain in touch in order to care for children.

The project can also help young people who have left home to get back in touch with family.

Who can ask for a service?

The service is provided in a number of areas and for a variety of families. For more information contact the Y Bont and we will be able to discuss varies options with you.

How do you ask for a service?

Phone: 01286 881620

E mail:

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